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Made in the USA

TO ORDER: 1 800 759 6399
    3003P Bench Press, Olympic 3004P Decline Press, Olympic 3022 Flat Bench, Incline Adjustable 3021 Flat Bench, Standard
  • For maximum upper-body development of pectorals, shoulders and triceps
  • Safety catch-hooks provided on uprights. Shown with nickel-plated proline tabs
  • Includes built-in spotter stand with thick rubber padding
    LWH 54x48x48" 135 LBS
  • For most effective development of lower pectorals
  • Safety catch-hooks provided on uprights
  • Includes built-in spotter's stand with thick rubber padding
  • Knee rest adjusts in and out to properly index chest under the bar
    LWH 64x48x48" 145 LBS
  • Comfortably padded bench and seat are independently adjustable
  • Sturdy steel-tube frame is powder-coated
    LWH 50x20x19" 75 LBS
  • Perfect for dumbbell flys, rows, pullovers and tricep extensions
  • 2-1/4" high-density resilient padded polyfoam
    LWH 48x20x19" 45 LBS
  • PRICE $731.75 PRICE $731.75 PRICE $614.25 PRICE $269.00

      3000P Front Shoulder Press, Olympic 3002P Shoulder Press, Olympic 3001P Incline Press, Olympic 3020 Flat Bench, Adjustable
    • 3000 Front Shoulder desinged to provide maximum safety
    • Unit has been designed for precise military/behind the neck exercises
    • Shown with nickel-plated proline tabs
    • Includes built-in spotter's stand with thick rubber padding
      LWH 40x48x70" 225 LBS
    • Unit has been designed for precise military/behind the neck exercises
    • Shown with nickel-plated proline tabs
    • Includes built-in spotter's stand with thick rubber padding
      LWH 40x48x70" 145 LBS
    • Enables total upper chest development
    • Multi-position adjustable seat
    • Uprights have safety catch hooks
    • Includes built-in spotter's stand
    • Comfortably padded bench and seat
      LWH 51x48x60" 135 LBS
    • Multi-position settings permit use in incline, decline, high and low positions
    • Especially usefull for doing bent arm pullovers and dumbbell rows
    • Sprng loaded pop pin adjustment
      LWH 48x20x20" 50 LBS
    • PRICE $1110.50 PRICE $731.75 PRICE $731.75 PRICE $311.50

        3041P Bench Press/Squat Rack 3009 Power Rack 3007 Plate Tree
      • Combines squat rack and bench press with Olympic plate holders in a single unit
      • Squat rack uprights are equipped with safety catch-hooks
      • Sturdy steel-tube frame features handsome powder-coat finish
      • 12 plate holders are chromed and accommodates all Olympic sizes
        LWH 88x48x75" 275 LBS
      • New design allows easier access and plenty of room to squat inside the uprights
      • Heavy-duty spotting pins and catch hooks ensure safe, stable powerlifting equipment use and storage
      • Lower safety bars allow training to maximum potential
        LWH 61x50x90" 215 LBS
      • Base design provides tip-resistant stability
      • Plate holders accommodate all six sizes of Olympic weights
      • Peg on top holds collars
        LWH 24x24x58" 50 LBS
      • PRICE $1346.75 PRICE $983.00 PRICE $221.50

          3018 Chin/Dip 3019 Dip/Leg Raise 3015 Sit-Up Ladder/2 Boards
          3016 Sit-Up Ladder/4 Boards
          3017 Standard Abdominal Board
          3048 Bent Knee Abdominal Board
        • Unique design allows user to do both positive and negative resistance work
        • Solid extra wide base supports provide added safety
        • Extra wide chinning handles
          LWH 48x36x94" 170 LBS
        • Dip routines develop chest, shoulders, triceps and wrist muscles
        • Leg raises firm waist and abs
        • Angled back support and extra thick padded arm rests
        • Extra wide base
          LWH 45x33x63" 140 LBS
        • Strong all-steel construction stands up to heavy use. Ladder rungs are chromed
        • Offers 3-height positions
          LWH (3015) 24x26x37" 50 LBS
          LWH (3016) 46x26x37" 80 LBS
        • Rear wheels for easy mobility
        • Foot-rollers and body contact surfaces are fully padded
        • Bent-knee angle(on 3048) reduces back strain while maximizing ab workout
          LWH (3017) 80x19x12" 55 LBS
          LWH (3048) 80x19x12" 70 LBS
        • PRICE $685.00 PRICE $614.00 PRICE $234.00
          PRICE $330.50
          PRICE $434.75
          PRICE $482.00

            2019P Squat Rack/Plate Holder 2020P Squat Rack/Stairstep 3007S Spider Rack
          • "Walk in" Squat Rack is fully equipped with safety catch-hooks
          • Features 10 Olympic plate holders
          • Heavy-duty steel tube frame is highlighted with powder-coat finish
          • Slightly inclined uprights allows training with flat, incline, or decline benches for many upper body exercises
            LWH 45x48x75" 275 LBS
          • Specialized apparatus permits lifter to perform full, three-quarter and half squats
          • Features built-in catch-hooks above top "step" as well as safety stops at each level
          • "Walk in" design affords easy access
          • 8 plate holders are chromed and accommodate Olympic plates
            LWH 51x48x73" 230 LBS
          • Convenient "plate tree" provides secure storage for Olympic weights
          • Designed to fit most anywhere
            LWH 34x19x13" 35 LBS
          • PRICE $1134.00 PRICE $1039.50 PRICE $221.50

              3045 Hyperextension 3044 Oblique Flexor 3014 Ab Chruncher 3012 Decline/Situp Bench, Adj 3042 Decline Bench, Small
            • Provides maximum isolation and development of lower back, gluteus and hamstring muscles
            • Center bench and ankle restraints are fully padded
            • Adjustable pad for different heights
              LWH 48x33x36" 70 LBS
            • Radical new design alleviates low back strain
            • Adjustable pad for different heights
            • "V" Bench offers safe short range oblique isolation
              LWH 48x33x36" 70 LBS
            • Short-range exercise really tightens and tones upper abdominals
            • Recommended bent-knee feature minimizes back strains
            • Adjustable knee pad and rollers
              LWH 52x26x49" 75 LBS
            • Ideal for advanced sit-ups and other decline exercises
            • Decline angle is easily adjustable
            • All body contact surfaces are comfortably padded
              LWH 61x22x36" 80 LBS
            • Perfect for working the lower abs
            • Bench and foot rollers are comfortably padded
            • Short, crunching motion contracts and tightens the abs
              LWH 38x21x22" 70 LBS
            • PRICE $607.50 PRICE $553.00 PRICE $614.00 PRICE $496.00 PRICE $283.50

                3010 Incline Bench, Seated Adj 3011 Incline Bench, Small 3026 Tricep Seat 3011/A Incline Bench, Standing 3027 Utility Bench
              • Designed to maximize benefits of various arm and upper body exercise such as curls, presses and flys
              • Incline angle is easily adjustable within a wide range of settings
                LWH 50x22x38" 65 LBS
              • Down-sized version of the 3010 incline bench boasts the same basic design and construction features
              • Incline angle can be quickly and easily adjusted
                LWH 34x18x23" 50 LBS
              • Designed specifically for tricep presses. Equally effective for seated presses
              • Seat and bench are thickly padded
                LWH 32x24x36" 55 LBS
              • The most effective bench for incline presses, flys and curls
              • Foot platform provides added stability
                LWH 65x30x55" 95 LBS
              • Same as 3026 without back support
              • Features include powder-coated steel tube frame with lushly-padded bench
                LWH 22x24x16" 20 LBS
              • PRICE $481.50 PRICE $316.00 PRICE $283.50 PRICE $425.00 PRICE $236.25

                  2007 Smith Machine 2021 Hackslide
                • Combines true free-weight "feel" with machine safety features
                • Ideal for squats, a variety of pressess, shrugs, dead lifts
                • 7' Olympic bar locks onto secure catch pins positioned 46" apart along uprights
                • Counter balance weights are safely tucked away inside uprights, making the starting weight easy for women
                • Includes 12 Olympic, plate holders
                  LWH 57x87x87" 375 LBS
                • Provides maximum workout for quadriceps
                • Choice of 45 degree or 60 degree angle
                • Linear bearings provide ultra smooth glide and virtually eliminate wear
                • Features sturdy safety stops
                • Foot platform covered with non-skid rubber pad
                • Adjustable foot plate
                • Includes 6 Olympic plate holders
                  LWH 84x60x84" 335 LBS
                • PRICE $3071.00 PRICE $2835.00

                    2094A Crossover Pulley 3046P Preacher Curl, Seated 3047P Preacher Curl, Standing 3024P Curl Stand
                  • Totally free-standing
                  • Used for chest pulls, pressdowns, rear/side lateral raises, curls, leg kick exercises and chin-ups
                    LWH 132x48x93" 600 LBS
                  • Quick and easy seat adjustment for proper body alignment
                  • Bar supports are conveniently sited within user's reach
                  • Easy to re-rack bar after using
                    LWH 42x31x38" 95 LBS
                  • Builds bigger biceps by promoting most effective, correct curl action
                  • Extended base ensures maximum stability
                    LWH 42x31x43" 105 LBS
                  • Affords easy, secure curl bar storage
                  • Includes 6 Olympic plate holders
                  • Also holds standard barbells
                    LWH 31x48x40" 75 LBS
                  • PRICE $3189.00 PRICE $614.25 PRICE $529.25 PRICE $425.25

                      2030 Seated Calf 2029 Leg Extension/Leg Curl 2011B Lat Pulldown/Low Row
                    • Exercises and isolates soleous(outer head) area of calf muscles
                    • Seated position eliminates pressure on back
                    • Features special angled foot plate
                    • Adjustable height knee pads allow full pre-stretch of calf muscles
                      LWH 49x26x31" 125 LBS
                    • Develops and defines both quadriceps and leg biceps
                    • Easily adjustable foot-rollers are fully padded
                    • Features powder-coated 2x3" steel-tube frame
                      LWH 72x24x33" 135 LBS
                    • Classic upper back and lat developer
                    • Fully-padded seat adjusts to fit every user
                    • Includes heavy-duty chrome pull down bar, low row handle and extension cable for low rows
                      LWH 63x30x94" 210 LBS
                    • PRICE $614.00 PRICE $1157.50 PRICE $1157.75

                        2072 Leg Press 2040 Ram Hack
                      • Builds and strengthens thighs, hips and gluteus groups
                      • 45 degree angle
                      • Features biodynamically-engineered angled back support and safety stops which is adjustable in height
                      • Linear bearings provide ultra-smooth carriage operation
                      • Foot platform covered with non-skid rubber pad
                      • 6 Olympic plate holders included
                      • Case-hardened steel guide rods
                        LWH 93x60x66" 470 LBS
                      • Dual-purpose machine for total leg development: Power hack squats isolates quadriceps, ram thrusting provides maximum calf and glute group workout
                      • Removable back pad for proper ram leg clearance
                      • Features linear bearings for ultra-smooth stroke and extra-long life
                      • Adjustable foot plate
                      • Includes 6 Olympic plates holders
                      • Case-hardened steel guide rods
                        LWH 82x70x64" 405 LBS
                      • PRICE $3071.00 PRICE $3071.00

                          2022 Seated Lever Row 2023 Incline Lever Row 3029 Bentover Row
                        • Full stretch develops powerful lat and rear deltoid muscles
                        • Unique design provides smooth cam-like action
                        • Adjustable angled body pad eliminates chest strain
                        • Seat height is easily adjustable
                          LWH 75x26x42" 130 LBS
                        • True incline position allows full range of motion
                        • Extra wide grip handle
                        • Front loaded weight peg
                        • Foot rest ensures optimal anatomical positioning
                          LWH 65x30x42" 140 LBS
                        • Strengthens, conditions and shapes upper back muscles
                        • Design enables deep drop for full chest expansion
                        • Features non-skid foot platform
                        • Sloped foot plate lessens lower back strain
                          LWH 62x26x20" 125 LBS
                        • PRICE $888.50 PRICE $888.50 PRICE $614.25

                          3006 Dumbbell Rack 3006A Dumbbell Rack 3005 Beauty Bell Rack 3008P Barbell Rack
                        • Thick saddles absorb contact and greatly minimize noise
                        • Accommodates all standard size dumbbells
                        • Easy to re-rack dumbbells after heavy use
                          LWH 91x22x31" 150 LBS
                        • Same construction as 3006 but holds ten pairs
                        • Both tiers have been angled for safe and easy access
                          LWH 91x22x31" 200 LBS
                        • Designed for 3-35 lb. beauty bells but larger ones can be accommodated
                        • Specifically designed to provide protective, organized storage for chrome-plated beauty bell sets
                        • Triple-tier rack correctly corresponds to wrist's natural lifting angle
                          LWH 48x22x40" 145 LBS
                        • Heavy-duty rack organizes and stores 10 barbells safely and securely
                        • Wide-angle "tree" design provides maximum stability
                        • Horizontal configuration enables easy user access
                          LWH 30x30x66" 115 LBS
                        • PRICE $482.00 PRICE $732.50 PRICE $614.25 PRICE $614.25

                          EQUIPMENT OPTIONS
                          STANDARD FRAME PAINT COLORS
                          White, Gloss Black, Red, Black Mini-Tex, Cal Grey, Blue, Ivory, Silver Mist.

                          STANDARD UPHOLSTERY COLORS
                          Space Blue, Black, Royal, Red, Dove Gray, Claret, Sand, Grotto.

                          CUSTOM PAINT CHARGES
                          Maxicams and Modulars-$20.00 per machine
                          Freeweights-$20.00 per unit
                          Silver, Gold and Copper Vein paints are Double custom charges.

                          CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY CHARGES
                          Maxicams and Modulars-$30.00 per machine
                          Freeweights-$20.00 per unit

                          MISCELLANEOUS OPTIONS
                          Knock Down "KD" Option $75.00 per unit
                          3rd Leg Option $90.00 per unit

                          Fabricated solely from rugged 2"x2" and 2"x3" .120 structural rolled steel tubing that is milled and machined on the Muscle Dynamics premises. The unique design, combined with quality craftsmanship ensures superior strength, and virtually eliminates joint failure as well as the need for expensive repairs.
                          All frames carry a lifetime guarantee.

                          SPRING LOADED SEAT ADJUSTMENT
                          Muscle Dynamics offers a wide range of seat height adjustments secured by a spring-loaded pop pin.

                          POWDER COAT FINISH
                          All components are initially treated in an ultramodern phosphate dipping tank to thoroughly clean and seal exterior and interior surfaces against corrosion. Afterwards, skilled technicians apply the finest electrostatic powder coating available. Offered in a wide assortment of colors, powder coating is much more durable and resistant to unfavorable conditions-including weather, salt, humidity and chipping. This technique also eliminates sags and drips while uniformly coating edges, corners, stamping and other projections.

                          TOP GRADE VINYL UPHOLSTERY
                          Seats, pads and benches are upholstered in luxurious prime-grade vinyl. Available in a wide variety of colors. All exterior seams are double box stitched. Plywood backing is completely covered, and anchoring staples neatly concealed with Hide-A-Trim edging. This design enables customers to easily repair or replace torn upholstery in the field whenever necessary.

                          Seats, pads and benches are fabricated from top grade plywood. Maxicam upper surfaces are fully padded with 2-1/4" of high-density resilient, comfortable polyfoam. Wood seat, pad and bench bases feature permanently attached T-nut metal receptacles and are securely bolted to frames with cadmium-plated bolts.

                          Special closed-cell foam handle grips. In addition to being extremely comfortable, they are virtually "wear-proof."

                          FOOT PLATFORMS
                          Slip-resistant rubber foot rest and platforms help to encourage proper posture and increase exercise efficiency.

                          COSMETIC ACCESSORIES
                          High-impact plastic end caps cover bolts and other projections. Strategically placed rubber stops reduce noise in both equipment and facilities.

                          SPOTTER STANDS
                          Whenever applicable, MAXICAM Free Weight products are equipped with non-skid spotter stands.

                          PROLINE TABS
                          Nickel-plated steel tabs are built into MAXICAM Free Weight equipment frames to protect powdercoating and extend life of product. (optional)

                          LINEAR BEARINGS
                          Some MAXICAM Free Weight equipment uses special recirculating linear bearings. In combination with Muscle Dynamics' case-hardened guide rods, linear bearings offer ultra-smooth action and last much longer than ordinary bearings.

                          CASE-HARDENED GUIDE RODS
                          Some MAXICAM Free Weight equipment features case-hardened steel alloy guide rods, which, in combination with special linear bearings provide ultra-smooth action and extremely minimal wear.


                          Muscle Dynamics warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser. The warranty registration card must be filled out and returned to Muscle Dynamics within ten days from date of purchase. During the warranty period, this product will be repaired or replaced, at Muscle Dynamics' option, at no charge under the following conditions.

                          STRUCTURE: Welded structures are guaranteed for lifetime. Customer is responsible for shipping the defective unit back to the factory via prepaid freight for no charge repair or replacement.

                          MOVING PARTS: Pulleys, bushings, ball bearings are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase.

                          This warranty only covers failures due to defects in material or workmanship which occur durring normal use. It does not cover damage which occurs in shipment or failures which result from misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, alteration, modification or improper assembly of the product.

                          Repair or replacement as provided under this warranty is the exclusive remedy of the user. Muscle Dynamics shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any experess or implied warranty on this product(s). Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness of a particular purpose on this product is limited in duration to the duration of this warranty.

                          Some states do not allow the exclusion of limitation or incidental or consequential damages, or allow limitations of how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

                          NOTICE: Muscle Dynamics reserves the right to make design changes without any prior notification.

                          * Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

                          Toll Free 1-800-759-6399